As I’ve blogged the other day I love the beach. I love watching the waves come in, I love people watching as well as hanging out with my girls. Samantha and I went in the water earlier today and she got slammed by a wave with the boogie board. She’s fine but it soured her taste for the beach, well that and I was her only source of entertainment and I’m not a big go deep into the water kind of gal. Thankfully Tommy came by and went in the water with her and all was right with the world on the beach.

Today is about 76 degrees Farenheight and sunny. Perfect. Sunscreen is a must not even a “maybe.” I love feeling the sun on my skin.

It’s funny that I love the beach so much, I don’t remember our parents taking us to the beach when we were kids. We had a pool and that’s all I remember. Going in and out of the pool, having friends over and just having a fun time.

The first time I went to the beach I was 16 yrs old and it was with Tommy and 2-3 other friends. I remember getting tossed by the waves and not in a good way. Like tossed in my a$$. Tommy taught me how to ride and jump the waves. We had such a great time. I remember coming home with a sunburn, nothing major I just don’t remember the importance of sunscreen being promoted back then. Tommy and I still talk about that day.

So today I sit and soak up our last couple of days here at the beach. I do miss being home so I think after a week we’ll all be ready to go back. But in a few more weeks school will start and I’ll be starting a new job. I’m excited yet a little sad because then summer will truly be over. And I had a really nice summer and I hate to see it end.

But, it will be nice to have a change of season, that’s why I love living where I do, we have all four seasons and each has their ups and downs. Until then I’m just hanging out at my favorite place.





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