Wrapping up summer

Its the end of August and summer vacation is slowly coming to an end. Samantha doesn’t go back to school until after Labor day and I don’t start work until then as well so we still have a week or two to enjoy sleeping in, going to the gym and the thrift. Samantha is currently working on her summer school work. With the schedule she put herself on she should be finished by next week which I’m glad about. I do not want her doing this work the night before school starts. I’m not a fan of summer school work.

Today I’m on my way to the isle of Manhattan for an appointment. It’s a gorgeous day to be going. The sun is out but it’s not hot and not a rain cloud in sight. The windows are open on the boat and there is the best sea breeze coming in. I’m sitting on the Brooklyn side so there’s no view of the Statue of Liberty but that’s ok I’ve seen her before. I forge the name of the boat I’m on but it’s one of the older ones with the blue and yellow seats on the lower level. Very 1960ish although I could be wrong. The boat is docking.

It’s days like this I’m reminded of how great our God is and how when we obey and walk in the footsteps and direction He sets forth; how it feels so right. There are no coincidences, I know this as fact. There’s too much that has happened in my life and the lives of family members to  believe otherwise. The most incredible example is me being pressured by the state to accept group home placement for my son in Brooklyn. I declined even though they were pushy. The following week at Bible study I mention this to my o leader and bam! She knows of an agency that has an opening in our borough. That is Gods timing. Always perfect. I enjoy thinking about when I interviewed for my current job. I was so nervous, texting and Facebooking friends for support. In the middle of all that I prayed; deeply and heartfelt. I remember almost saying aloud, “Ok God, if this is what you want from me; if this is where you want me to be I’ll do it…”  In the next moment I was being called by one of the interviewers to tell me I was hired. Amazing, our God is amazing. There is no other explanation.

I wish everyone a happy end of summer. I hope it was a relaxing season, relaxing enough to carry you into a new school year and for some of us a new career.





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