I’m cleared!

I received the email today that I’ve been cleared by the board of education. I’m officially a school nurse with the department of education !  I’m so excited. Yes, I know I was officially hired back in May but this is different. It means the powers that be have reviewed all the paper work I’ve given them including my medical form and still they want me!  I am so excited. I almost can’t wait until my official start date. I even bought a new watch; one with a very clear second hand to use when assessing  a pulse or heart rate. My stethescope had been found and in the ready for over a month now. I’ve been collecting “fall” ish clothing. I just today bought a very nice hooded trench. Next is a good umbrella. I already have cute rain boots. It may sound silly but these are things I never really had to buy myself or worry about as a stay at home mom. I’ll be walking a decent distance from the ferry to my job so appropriate weather gear is a must. I don’t want to arrive looking like a drowned rat all day.

I must have faith. Faith that the Father has placed me in this position and that He will take care of all my needs. I know He will. Things will work out.  I’m so excited!




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