So I officially began my new job on Monday September 11. It was somber commuting into Manhattan that day. All over the ferry terminal were people gathered together to travel to the city. Some were victim’s families shown by the “Never forget” t shirts along with their family member’s name and the formal uniformed fire fighters also traveling together.

I was still nervous. Although I had no reason to be. On the first day we mostly went over benefit packages, health insurance, union membership, pensions and tax deferred annuity (TDA). To everyone who told me to sign up for the TDA; I did, lol and thank you for looking out for me. We also were given the famous infection control class every health care professional is required to take every 4 years. That was cool even though I wasn’t up for renewal yet it was good to get a refresher.

I enjoyed learning about the union I’m now proudly a part of. The nurses are part of The United Federation of Teachers or UFT.  Go Union!

These past 2 days I’ve been in a lecture hall at the department of health  (I think that’s where we are). All I know is I have to take the 4 train to the 6 train and get off at 28th st and then walk about 15 minutes to 1st ave. Yesterday I made the rookie mistake of wearing new shoes for the first time and boy did I pay for that mistake. Never again.

Yesterday was all lecture about the role of the school nurse given by these dynamic nurses who were school nurses and now teach others to do the same. Today will be more of the same lecture, and that’s ok because it’s far from boring, thank God.

Tomorrow I’m off to Harlem to work with a Dept of Ed nurse at her school. I’m hoping to not have to be in super early given how far uptown I have to go but we shall see. I have to call the nurse and let her know I’ll be with her tomorrow. I hope she’s nice.

The rest of my orientation is similar to this week, lectures and precepting with an experienced nurse. There is also a lab day to practice clinical skills. I’m really looking forward to that. I like the women I’ve become friendly with. They’re nice. Quiet, but nice. Mostly everyone is quiet and keeps to themselves. I expected a more social group but it’s only been a couple of days and things can change. Heck I’m even quiet and don’t talk much.

At the home front things have been somewhat smooth except for this morning’s breakdown from Samantha over her ponytail not being straight. She got over it thank goodness. I was not in the mood. Alyssa and Lelly have been great with helping to get dinner on the table. It’s nothing gourmet but hey no one is going to bed hungry.

I’m looking forward to what today brings.