Being a Disciple

I went to church yesterday morning and Pastor John is starting a new series from the book of Mark titled, “Who are you following?” I loved his message; Pastor John clearly explained what it means to truly follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He talked of how the first disciples were fishermen and they literally dropped their nets and left everything to follow Jesus. And following Jesus means we are to be making disciples.

Of course that led to an inner taking of stock within myself. Am I really following Jesus? Have I made disciples? I know when I accepted Christ as my Savior he changed me. And there was even more change after I met the Lord.  And my girls followed me in that change. Even Thomas knows who Jesus is. God has in His infinite wisdom placed Christian workers at Thomas’ school who minister to my son. At the end of one of my phone calls with Thomas I told him I was going to church the next day and he said to me, “Pray Mom, pray. Pray to Jesus.” I got goosebumps. My Thomas knows and gets it.

My girls are faithful believers and have accepted Christ as their Savior. I don’t know if that would have happened had I not returned to church where they had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and be surrounded by Godly people and also be with peers who believe. My girls and I do talk about God and having faith. AAlyssa has recently discovered Brooklyn Tabernacle Church through the parent’s of children she babysits for. I’ve never been and I’m thrilled for her to get to experience a different church and experience worship with a different group of diverse people. She loves it there and I’m proud of her for branching out.

So getting back to making disciples…I have made disciples as evidenced by my children. When I first returned to church I used to think I was a bad Christian because I wasn’t making disciples or bearing fruit and I didn’t bring other people besides my children to church. Like, I didn’t invite friends or neighbors to join me. Looking back bringing my children to church was enough, it was what I was supposed to do. I was to take care of my responsibilities at home before branching out to the world. What good would I have been if I made disciples all over the neighborhood yet my children had no idea what the Gospel was or who Christ was?

My responsibility now is to widen my circle, there are people God has placed on my heart who have heard and know about the Gospel yet they are still not saved. It’s not my job to “save” them only God can do that. I need to remember them in prayer and continue to show them Christ’s love so that they may turn to Jesus and follow Him and in turn make disciples of their own. It’s not easy and it’s uncomfortable. But God doesn’t always call you out and make you comfortable. To God be the glory.


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