A Year

Today is a year since my father in law, “Chick” passed away. I can remember that day as if it were yesterday and it’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since he was alive and with us. Chick was great and sweet and loving and thoughtful. And as a father in law I couldn’t have asked for better. He treated me not as an “in law” but as a daughter. It was an honor to be called “Babe” by him.

My mother in law resides in a near by nursing home, Chick had been living there as well at the time of his passing. They would both sit in the hallway passing time being together and having meals with each other. It was nice to visit them together, Chick was always interested in what was going on with you. “How’s the job going? Are you working overtime? Have you been busy?” I remember the last couple conversation I had with him was about my new job last year when I was hired to do chart abstraction. It was my first time working full time in about 20 years. Chick was so encouraging and happy for me. It was nice. I know he would’ve been equally if  not more happy if I could tell him about my new employment.

And he would never fail to entertain my children no matter what their ages. All my children adored their Poppy. As they grew older he treated them as older:  never forgetting milestones or birthdays.

Raised in the Catholic faith I have no doubt that Chick accepted Christ as his Savior so I know that he is with the Lord and that someday we will meet again. Where he is now,  there is no sickness or limitations of the body. His soul is free.

I really miss him. I miss him sitting with my mother in law and his stories about the other residents and the staff. I miss his encouraging voice and his laugh. I know my mother in law misses him so much more than I ever could. At first I was angry with Chick for leaving my mother in law. I know that was irrational but to visit her in the nursing home after the funeral and see her all alone was so incredibly sad. She still mourns him and after knowing Chick for as long as I did and witnessing them as a couple I don’t blame her for mourning him still and she probably will for some time to come.

So we’re here; a year later. Things change, somethings are the same. My kids are all a year older and different milestones have come and gone.  We are still missing him, still loving his memory.

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