Commuting and more training

My commute is in full swing, I’m up at o’dark thirty every morning to catch the 6:40 am ferry. That part I don’t mind too much. It’s nice to be out and about that early. Usually everyone is still tired so no one is very chatty which is a good thing, I’m not in a chatty mood that early in the morning. However the boat at that time is also the ferry most teens take, that attend high school in Manhattan. And they are quite chatty and loud. Annoyingly so. I’m showing my grumpy old age here.

Training had been going well.  I’m at my third school training with a more experienced nurse. Next week I won’t have to commute, the last school I’m training at is one in the borough where I live. Actually it’s the school my son Thomas used to attend when he lived at home, but I’ll be with the more medically fragile students. I’m open to going there since my assigned school is one also with medically fragile students. For whatever reason I know I will miss commuting. There’s something about that ferry ride that can be soothing and you’re leaving behind the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. It makes you appreciate the quiet of your own house.

I’ve been praying that God will give me wisdom during the time I’m giving care to the students. I’m finding some aspects of nursing are just like riding a bicycle; you don’t forget. Medications and equipment may change but your nursing assessment does not, neither does your judgement. And I’m counting on that to get me through this season where I’m brand new and just out of training. Until I build up my confidence and find my way.

I keep reminding myself that God had His hand in me being where I am today. He didn’t lift me up only to drop me on my face. I am His child and He knows what He is doing. The Lord has confidence in me when I don’t have it in myself. I am a child of the King!


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