Finally …

Finally after a year and 7 months of waiting and praying and waiting and finally deciding that things will happen when The Lord wants them to happen…Thomas is moving to his group home!  The big move is planned to take place over Thanksgiving weekend. I can’t think of a better time than that weekend to help make his transition easier.

This process has been dragging on for what seems like forever. People in charge at both the state and local levels not communicating and if they did communicate it was a very slow progression moving forward. Thomas, through it all has been extraordinarily patient. He’s surely gifted. He’s been ready to move since we first told him about the group home so many months ago. God has blessed this child of mine with many gifts; resiliency and patience being two of the most prominent.

Thomas is also already enrolled in a “day program” which is where he’ll go and spend his days from Monday to Friday. I’m hoping there are vocational opportunities for him. We shall see and I’m not worried at all.

It’s on to the fun stuff of moving Thomas his new home and buying bedding and decorating his room the way he wants it. All the residents in this group home have their own room, I’m excited for Thomas as he hasn’t been without a room mate since he arrived at the residential school over 5 years ago. I think he’ll enjoy having his own personal space. He has enough belongings and clothes to fill it up.

God is so good !


2 thoughts on “Finally …

  1. Jennifer Bernius November 8, 2017 / 9:49 pm

    Congratulations to Thomas! & family. Prayers and wishes that it’s a smoothe, positive transition. All the best & congratulations on your new job as well Menay!Once he is settled there are always options for day programs … hopefully he will love the one he is enrolled in.

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