The First Week

So I’ve survived my first week of being a school nurse for special needs students. I had a good week I think. I quickly became a pro at hanging gastric tube feedings, emptying an ostomy bag and giving medications by mouth to challenging students who are able to walk on their own but unable to communicate verbally. I’ve also become proficient in figuring out insulin doses for diabetic students. Time management quickly became my priority this week as well as helping out my co workers since they waste no time in offering to help me out.

I am learning from these students. Such as those that upon first impression, you think they aren’t cognizant of your presence or that they might know you. After calling their name and speaking to them they get used to your voice and you start to see a glimmer of recognition and its sweet and nice and humbling. When a student you’ve just met this week refused to talk to you then answers on Friday when you ask what she had for lunch you can’t help but grin.

For the most part I see the medically fragile students but here and there are “walk in” cases and you never really know who’s going to walk through the door with what ailment.This past week I was quickly put to the test, using my nursing assessment and judgement as a guide to treating a few walk ins. I don’t always feel confident in my judgement but that is what will come with time I’m sure.

I feel fortunate to be there.


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