Happy Anniversary to Us!

Tommy and I will celebrate 22 years of marriage today. We were married at 25 so if you do the math you’ll have our ages not that I care to hide how old we are. I think back to how young we were. We had Thomas by the time we were 26 yrs of age so we didn’t have a whole lot of “us/alone time” before we had children. Now that everyone’s older and taken care of we really enjoy being with each other alone, even if it’s a trip to Home Depot and we are young enough to still want to do things that we couldn’t do years ago.

For our 20th Anniversary we went away for the weekend alone to a mountain house resort. It was really nice to be together and just be with each other. This past spring we took a short jaunt to Florida…alone. That was great. The weather somewhat cooperated and we drove just about all over the state visiting beaches and relatives. We had a really sweet time. Since I’m working now I had the pleasure of paying for dinner. I’m not behind sarcastic it really was my pleasure.

For this particular anniversary we went to dinner at a local popular restaurant that I’ve really wanted to dine at. The cuisine was Mediterranean and absolutely delicious not to mention the atmosphere which was soIt was nice, very nice.

We topped the evening off with television in bed, the excitement keeps coming! I’m so glad I married this 17 yr old  guy who never gave up in pursuing me, he made me laugh back then and he makes me laugh now even times when we shouldn’t be laughing.  He’s my lover, my best friend he’s in my soul…

God is so good!


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