What He Did For Us

What Jesus did for us. He died for our sins and was risen from the dead 3 days later.  I find it’s easy to gloss over what Jesus did for us, He died for us. Point taken and appreciated. But this past Sunday at church Pastor John went into a bit of graphic detail of what our Lord and Savior went through before He died.

Jesus submitted to the Father to the point of death and not just any death but death on a cross like a mere criminal. Pastor John explained that our Savior was “scourged” which means whipped in such a way with a specific weapon that would tear flesh from muscle. Personally my stomach turned at the very thought of that.  Jesus was also kicked, mocked and beaten mercilessly. He wore a crown of thorns that was likely beaten into his head.

My Savior Jesus Christ is alive after that horrible death, He was risen from the dead 3 days later, and now He lives! It’s amazing. This is The Gospel, plain and simple. And what is even more amazing is that we now have access to God the Father as well as an advocate with the Father. I think it’s so easy to forget what Jesus had to endure in order for us to be forgiven of every sin. When we focus on Christmas and the gifts and the shopping and yes…Jesus was born on that day it’s skewed to put Him last or in some cases,  not in at all.

It’s taken me three days to write this short post. I don’t know why it was so difficult to write out The Gospel. Probably because it’s not easy to really think about in detail what Jesus went through for us. God is so good !




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