Changing Music

In my formative teen years I listened to heavy metal music. I absolutely adored Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dio, Sabbath, Ozzy, Slayer to name a few; and even dabbled in King Diamond although he scared the heck out of me. That music formed part of my identity back in the day. In high school I was a “rocker”, I dressed the part and we went to concerts or shows any way we could get to. Either by public transportation or getting a ride when some of us got our driver’s license. I had a great time with my friends back in the day. Thrashing out to metal and getting caught in a mosh (that part was scary though). At one concert (A band called Overkill) I came home with a black eye and no idea how I had gotten it. It sounds bad but it really was a great time.

These days my music taste is much, much tamer. I listen to Christian contemporary music. I sing to Jesus and to The Lord with the same fervent energy that I sang along to heavy metal of days past. I love praising the Lord with song. I’m not much of a singer but I don’t care and I know God doesn’t either. I recently purchased concert tickets to 3 Christian shows. One in December, one in March and the last one in May. My girls are coming with me to at least one show each and I’m also going with a couple of great friends I met at church. One friend named Claudia is amazing to go to concerts with. She worships and sings like nobodies business and loves the Lord. I know I’ll have a great time when she’s around. We will be attending all 3 concerts together and it’s to her credit that I’m even going to all 3. She encouraged me to buy the tickets and I’m glad I listened.  Each show will be different but all will praise God.

When I was younger I never thought my music taste would change so drastically. But when The Lord is involved anything is possible.

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