Christmas shopping

I’ve started my Christmas shopping early this year, meaning shopping before Thanksgiving. I used to wait until after Thanksgiving and then hurry like crazy  to be finished before Christmas. Maybe it’s working full time that changed me. Last year I remember shopping earlier than usual and being finished earlier than  in the past. It was a good feeling to be wrapping gifts when I would usually be shopping for them.

My son is particularly difficult to shop for. He’s always been. Even when he was younger. Toys never held his attention much, he was that kid who would play with he boxes the toys came in. This Christmas I’m excited to buy him things for his new home. He’ll officially be moved into the group home December 8. He’s happy about the move; probably a bit nervous and who could blame him. I know it will all work out. God didn’t get us this far for it not to.

So far I’ve finished shopping for my parents, my husband, extended family  and partially done with my kids. I don’t feel close to being done but that’s ok we’re still in November…


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