He’s In !

Thomas has arrived and settled in at the group home! His school moved him in yesterday, they offered last week and Tommy and I took advantage of their generosity. I also thought it was a great way for Thomas to transition and have his social worker and staff see his new home. After work I went right over with his new comforter, pillow, jacket and other things from his Macy’s shopping spree a couple of weeks ago. He was seemed comfortable there and I hung out for about an hour and a half. While I was there the nurse came over to sort out Thomas’ meds and ask me questions and give me recommendations for new doctors he’ll need now that he’s living here. I really liked the nurse, she was very confidant, caring and observant. Her experience caring for adults like Thomas was apparent and very comforting.

Thomas managed to talk himself into getting one of the staff to take him to the mall. He’s quite persuasive. I gave him money and he talked about getting slippers. It sounded like a good plan.

I’m so glad he’s here finally. It’s been such a long time from the beginning of this particular journey with Thomas. His school never seemed like a permanent option even though he was there for 5 years. It’s odd though because he went from teen to adult before our eyes; at a distance. He’s now a young man, not a kid anymore at all. I miss him as a kid. I don’t miss the chaos and unpredictability; I miss that I didn’t get to be a part of all of his life as a teen while he was away. But God has a reason for everything and He is good.

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