Work. To quote a dear friend, “They don’t call it a ‘job’ for nothing…”. This past week has been quite eventful. I had to call 911 not once but twice. For two different students. It was the right decision I know that; but I feel for those kids. And I feel for those parents. The events that led to the 911 calls are in addition to the g tube feedings, daily meds and walk ins we see. I was more than ready for the weekend to be here. And believe it or not I’m okay with Monday looming ahead. I still like my job. I like going to work, I like the challenges these kids throw at me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at home at a job. I love that I have my own desk and space as do the 2 other nurses I work with. I think we work very well together. There is no such thing as sitting around watching another run around crazed with a situation. We help one another out whether it be doing a procedure for a student that’s not ours or consulting with each other when a challenge arises.

I’m starting to look into going back to school for my Bachelor’s degree. I graduated with my Associates way back when I graduated from Nursing school. I tried to go back when Thomas was a baby and I was also pregnant with Alyssa. I got 2 classes in when I decided that I wasn’t driven enough to continue, being a mom kept me busy enough especially when one of those children was Thomas. I’m researching colleges that have online classes. I don’t see myself going to sit in a classroom after working all day or on the weekends. I’m sure The Lord will lead the way in this venture and open the right doors at the right time. God is so good.

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