Gearing up!

Getting ready to ring in the new year, getting ready to say good bye to our house as we know it now and say hello open concept complete with new kitchen!

I can’t say that 2017 was a terrible year for me. I surrendered my life to The Lord and watched Him do His best for me. It was an amazing decision and made me more confident in the direction He took my life in.

I began 2017 employed at a job that was a temporary gig and by mid year I was laid off. I discovered how to apply for unemployment benefits and mastered applying for jobs online and uploading my resume to various job posting websites. I applied to the board of education one day and the next thing I knew I was setting up an appointment to be interviewed. I knew the position was working with special needs population and to be honest I hesitated a bit before hitting the send button. I did hit send and The Lord showed me His faithfulness and what happens when you leave things in His hands.

In 2017 I became employed by the board of education and I enjoy going to work every day. I don’t always have great days. Heck, some days are just flat out busy as anything and draining and I’m totally ready to leave at the end of the day; but I wake up the next day ready to get there and do the best of my ability. I like and admire my co workers and I know they have my back when decisions need to be made. My supervisor is a fair man and I like him as a person.

2017 gave me my Dad for another year. I’m glad to have spent another year of my life with him here. My mom became cancer free this past year after she battled bladder cancer. I no longer take her presence for granted. 2017 was a year that showed me that people in my life are there for a reason. I’m blessed with a wonderful, loving, thoughtful husband and I have children who actually like to be with me and they talk to me; not just about the weather but real life topics that are important to them and not always things that one would necessarily talk to one’s mother about. I’m so grateful for those relationships.

I bid 2017 a fond farewell and I welcome 2018 with optimism.



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