The New Year

It’s 2018 the first day of the new year. We had a great New Years Eve ringing in the New Year with wonderful friends. I’m standing in my kitchen just staring at my empty first floor. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever seen this house empty.

When we were house shopping the previous owners were living here when we saw the house. When we finally moved in after the closing I was hugely pregnancy with Lelly and Tommy and our friends and brother in law had already brought in furniture and boxes by the time I arrived. I remember the boxes and very ugly carpet. I couldn’t wait to rip up that carpet. Tommy started right away I remember. And the wood floors underneath were so dirty after years of being covered up with padding and carpet. It was like the wood couldn’t release the dirt fast enough. I used to clean those wood floors almost daily. I also remember a very ugly kitchen vinyl tile. Tommy and I pulled up the old floor and I laid down a new one; while hugely pregnant. We moved in April 4th, 2001 and I gave birth to Lelly April 29,2001. It was quite a pregnancy and she was probably my easiest birth go figure.

I’m not that nostalgic about this first floor and kitchen. We replaced the kitchen cabinets and counter top, we had to buy new appliances at the time because the ones that were here when we moved in died within 2 months no kidding. I remember going to Sears with my 3 kids and my best friend Jenn and her 2 girls. The oldest was Thomas who was 5…we were quite the spectacle I’m sure. Jenn made numerous trips to the ladies room at Sears because the older girls who were all of 3 years old were potty training and every child had to use the bathroom at a different time. I remember feeling overwhelmed and I just wanted to go home and Jenn was like, “Oh no!  You’re buying a stove!” I did buy a stove and it served us well the past 15 years.

I’m looking forward to the end result of this much anticipated, long planned out renovation. For now I’ll just stare in awe of my empty rooms.


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