Out with (some of) The Old…

On Saturday Tommy and his friends unloaded most of the POD that was housing our belongings and furniture. The side effect of going “open concept” is less wall space to hang a lot of my wall hangings. So I have a lot for sale on Facebook yard sale groups. Yesterday a friend wanted a mirror I had just posted only minutes before. She came and picked it up yesterday and we had a chance to catch up so it was a win win situation, yay!

Unfortunately a lot of my fragile collectibles were broken while in storage. My wedding cake topper was a porcelain statue of Cinderella and the Prince dancing. It was broken beyond repair as well as a couple of other sentimental pieces. I’ve come to the conclusion that they are only “things”. I have pictures and memories with those belongings and I can always scour EBay for replacements if I choose. I’m glad pieces from my mother in law remained intact. My mom thinks the constant change of temperature we had in January played a huge part in the breakage issue. I agree.

Yesterday at church a few of people came over to me to express sympathy for my dad’s passing. I never thought it would be so hard to thank them as it was. I immediately started crying and could barely acknowledge what they were saying. One dear man named Ray said to me at “You only get one father…”that about killed me. I had to stop and get myself together before leaving the church. Samantha was sweet and gave me a hug. Have I mentioned how much I love my church family?

My small group/bible study group meets this week after a 6 week hiatus. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and the fellowship we have. I’m off from work this week for mid winter break. I still can’t believe that I’m off and I get paid for it. I love the Board of Ed!


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