Renovation finished!

After a kind of long/not so bad/ had its moments 6 weeks we are finished with our renovation! Our contractor quoted us 6 weeks and he was right. This past week was finishing touches such as the glass tile backsplash and my talented electrician brother in law setting up the television on the wall.

I know I couldn’t wait to get out of the basement. I was so happy to cook again and actually wash dishes in a sink. We didn’t use many reusable things during the renovation. We became experts on which paper plates were better than others. The basement wasn’t horrible, you just go a little stir crazy after a while. Samantha and I watched plenty of on demand television together. So there was that bonding experience. Lelly went off to the Netherlands on her foreign exchange program so she was able to escape during the last stages. It was nice to see her face when she walked in after being gone for 11 days.

My mom brought our dog Lola back home after 6 weeks of watching her for us. We had asked my mom to take her when the renovation began. Lola is a bit high maintenance so I didn’t see her staying in the house during the demolition as a good thing. She would be more interested in playing with who ever is there to work.

I love our new house!  And I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy going Tommy and I were about things such as picking out colors, moulding and finishings. There was no arguing and very little disagreement. I’m sure our attitudes come with age and that we were more concerned with keeping each other happy rather than keeping ourselves happy.

I miss my Dad. I wish he could have seen this renovation to completion. I showed him pictures in the beginning and he was so happy for us; that we were doing it and impressed with the level of demolition down to the studs. When I was a young child my parents did similar to their own house so he would talk to me with remembrance and admiration in his voice. I know it can be said that he’s watching everything from where he is now;  I’d just rather he physically be here.

Thomas is so happy with the results and can’t wait to sleepover. I brought him to the house one afternoon while the painters were still here. He was so good and asked plenty of questions. Thomas  was especially interested in whether or not Tommy had paid them; go figure. Steve, the painter, answered that no Tommy hadn’t paid them yet. We all had a good laugh. Thomas has a great sense of humor.

One of Tommy’s friends tiled the backsplash for us on Saturday. It looks so good and really finishes off the kitchen. I’m grateful for talented relatives and friends.



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