Short Hair

463028F5-779D-40E8-B741-7D9FD918FFD3Ive cut my hair off; again. After I said I wouldn’t do it again, that it was too hard to grow it out…I grew it to almost my shoulders and couldn’t take it anymore. I had no style and I was tired of being blonde. So I made an appointment with one of my favorite hair stylists here where I live and showed her a picture of the cut I wanted and described the color. Natalya quickly went to get the color samples they offered and there it was: Rose gold. It’s a golden blonde with a tint of pink, not obnoxious and in your face pink more of a “hey… what color is that?” pink. And I love it both the cut and the color.  When I arrived at work the next day (I had it done on a Tuesday) everyone made me feel so great and they complimented both the cut and the color. And to top it off one of the school staff told me she had this tinted conditioner called “rose gold” that she wasn’t using. Without me even saying yes I want it she says, I’ll bring it in tomorrow. She did and it is an awesome product. It brightens up my color and pinkish tone gently. I love it! I’m so glad God put me in this school. The staff is just incredible I know I’ve said this before but I have to say it again and again. The principal is great and fair, as well as just about every other person in every position held. There are a few here and there I avoid or really keep my guard up around but for the most part everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis is caring, respectful and responsible. I’m in and out of one particular classroom literally all day, this one class is where most of my medically fragile students are so I’ve gotten pretty close with the staff. It’s nice to have those relationships and be a witness to how close they are with each other.

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