One’s weight. For me it’s only an issue like now…because I’m overweight. I blame my meds which are notorious for causing weight gain. Also my age which is approaching 50, isn’t helping either. I just signed up for a fitness program called The Maxx Challenge. It’s 10 weeks. Five days a week you exercise at their gym and they give you nutritional counseling. I’m looking forward to starting on April 9th. Right after my birthday. I’m looking forward to exercising regularly. I could theoretically do this on my own but I feel I need the structure of an organized program. I belong to a gym now with Tommy but I have zero motivation to go. The only thing that gets me going is my friend Martha who asks me to go to yoga classes. I’ve been enjoying the yoga. Some classes are pretty “easy” I mean a lot of stretching and deep breathing and turning this way and that. Some classes you really break a sweat and that feels good to me. Like I’ve really challenged myself.

Its difficult to lose weight as I’m sure most of you know. There is so much really good not good for you food out there to enjoy! And it’s so hard not to over indulge.  Every now and then I’ll stumble across a great recipe that’s low carb/low cal and tastes great. Snacks are what get me the most. I’ve been keeping a lot of pretzels and fruit in the house to eat when that craving for a snack comes up. And for me it’s always after 7pm go figure.

So here’s to the new program I signed up for and to all of you who struggle with their weight with me. The struggle is real!



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