Snow Day!

Due to the big snow storm we’re having, our great mayor has decided to close NYC schools. Being a Department of Education employee I also have a snow day. I love the DOE! My day hasn’t been all that productive. I binge watched the rest of season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix this morning, talked on the phone with my mom and sister, made waffles for lunch and then made chili for tomorrow’s dinner. I just shoveled out our front walk and de-snowed my car. I didn’t have to shovel our sidewalk as my wonderful neighbor was great enough to snow blow it for me.

Its 5 o’clock and the snow is still coming. When I was binge watching Netflix I couldn’t help but be so thankful that our house is finished with construction. I look around and I really love my house and I’m so glad we bit the bullet and went forward with the renovation. It was talked about and planned for years before we went through with it this past January.

I’ve been thinking a lot about returning to school. I’d like to get my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I started it when I was pregnant with Alyssa and stopped after I had her. I was not that driven to try and go to school when my kids were young. Especially with what a handful Thomas was back in the day.  I’m not looking to get my degree and leave the Board of Ed. I really like my job. I would do this for me just so I could say I did it.

Speaking of my job. I still like going to work and I still really like my co workers. I know I’m fortunate. It looks now that NYC schools will be open tomorrow. That’s ok, I just dread cleaning off my car in the morning. I hope everyone had a great “snow day”.


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