The Commission

I went to church today like I do every Sunday. The worship songs were spot on today;  one enough to make me teary eyed thinking of my dad while singing. We were singing “My God is Awesome” And when we got to the part where we sing “…Heals me when I’m broken” I started thinking of daddy. There is no other healing than the healing that comes from the Lord. Daddy’s death broke me. There’s no describing to anyone the depth of pain that comes from losing a parent you deeply love and respected.

The main message this morning was about the Great Commission. That all Christian’s are to spread the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. That he lived and died for our sins. He was hung on a cross like a criminal. He rose from the dead three days later. And we now have an advocate with the Father. Why is it so difficult to talk about Jesus? I know for me it’s easier for me to talk about God among my friends that I go to church with. I know they’re believers and there’s no discomfort or explaining. I know when an event or occurance had to be from the hand of God. In my life and their’s.

When I speak to friends at work whom I don’t know are believers or not there’s a lot of “oh how lucky… what a coincidence, talk about being at the right place at the right time…”. I don’t believe in coincidences, God has his hands in all  aspects of our lives.  Why is it so hard to say “No, it wasn’t a coincidence that I work 15 minutes from home after being told I was supposed to be worked in Manhattan” God had his hand all over where I am supposed to work. I have many testimonies as to how God is working in my life and how the power of prayer made mountains move. I know many reading this post have similar testimonies and it proves how God’s power and influence is undeniable.

I will be praying for the Holy Spirit to lead me and give me the words and courage to speak boldly about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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