Yesterday at church our Pastor started a new series called “Lifehacks” based on the book of proverbs. I loved the first week’s message which defined what wisdom is and what a fool is. Pastor John made it clear that being wise can have nothing to do with IQ, that one doesn’t necessarily have to be “smart” to be wise and the same goes for being a fool. You can have multiple college degrees and still be a fool.

So yesterday after letting Pastor’s message sink in I began to take stock of my life and discovered I am indeed a fool in a few areas of my life. It was terribly convicting. While soul searching this message I focused on myself,  I had no desire to seek out flaws or find ways other people in my life are a fool. It was an eye opener for sure.

So now that I’ve identified that I am indeed a fool and not was wise as I once thought I was, I have work to do. Work that includes listening to those that are wise on the subject I’ve been a fool about. Maybe admitting you’re a fool is the first step and is the beginning of the work involved to gaining wisdom of the subject you need to work on.


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