Work and co workers

I seriously have the best co-workers. I work with 2 other nurses, a female and a male nurse. The male, Tom is a retired nurse practitioner so he’s a wealth of nursing information. Maria, my other co worker has over 15 years experience being a school nurse so she’s also a valuable information resource.

There’s also the teachers and many, paraprofessionals and physical, occupational and speech therapists. For the most part everyone has been great, very helpful and we all have the common goal of giving our best to these students.

I am in and out of one particular classroom multiple times a day, every single day. I really like the staff in that room and I know they like me. It’s funny because yesterday I brought in that room an agency nurse to show him how certain feeding pumps work and to teach him about different feeding tubes some students have. When we walked in I introduced the other nurse and one of the staff says loudly from across the room, “You planning  on going somewhere?” I laughed and answered no. Later I asked why she asked that. She replied, “Because no one else knows these kids…”. It made me feel appreciated that the staff was worried I wouldn’t be there.

I feel so blessed that I get to work here. I know God placed me here for a reason. From the time I was hired I was told I would be working in Manhattan. And I was ok with that. In fact I  had my whole commute planned out. But then in the last hour I was offered this position, here; 15 minutes from my house. Things like that are part of God’s plan. Some days I really wonder what is His plan? Other days I just go with it and I have no questions I just know to place my life In His hands and know that I am obeying Him.

Last night at my bible study group we talked about how we will trust God with ruling the universe but not trust Him running our lives. That statement rang true with me. Before I surrendered my life to the Lord I didn’t believe He could organize my life as well as I could. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Since I’ve submitted to the Great I Am I have more peace in my life. Things aren’t always easy and why should they be? Jesus himself said we will have trials in this life. And He couldn’t have been more right. He gives us trials and lays different situations on our shoulders; many times giving us more than we can handle. It is during those difficult seasons that God wants us to call on Him for help and strength.  And He will answer in one way or another. In His time; not ours.

So this morning I’m off to work! I hope you all have a great day and know that God loves you!

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