Worship Night in America

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a big Christian concert called Chris Tomlin’s Night of Worship. It was a-mazing!  Chris Tomlin is famous in the Christian music world and he put together a concert that included other famous Christian music artists, such as Tauryn Wells, Kim Walker Smith, Matt Maher and a couple others I can’t remember. I attended the concert with my daughter Lelly and my friend Claudia and her 2 daughters. We all danced, jumped, raised hands and sang in worship of the one true God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To see the whole venue (The Prudential Center in Newark NJ) up on their feet united in praise of God was wonderful and overwhelming at times.

We also had the pleasure of hearing the pastor of Chris Tomlin’s home church preach. He spoke of the seven different Hebrew words that have various meanings of the work “praise”. It was so  enlightening. His name is Darren Whitehead and he’s originally from Australia. Him and Chris Tomlin wrote a book called, “A Holy Roar” If his message was that great I can only imagine what the book will be like.

My daughter and I danced and cheered and praised our Lord like there was no tomorrow. This morning I gave thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to praise and worship Him last night. It was truely a blessing to have been there.

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