Saturdays with Thomas

The past 3 weeks I’ve been picking up Thomas from his group home and bringing him food shopping with me and then we go back to my house for lunch. Thomas has been excellent company to go food shopping with. He’s pleasant and follows directions and doesn’t ask for anything which is more than I can say for most people who I’ve been to ShopRite with. Today he went and got me milk and was so proud that he “helped” me. It was sweet.

I made him lunch a little while ago and now he’s patiently waiting to go “somewhere” with us. I don’t know what our destination will be but Thomas has $7.00 burning a hole in his pocket that he has to spend…today. When he has money or a gift card there’s no stopping him from spending it and no distracting him from his goal. Some days it’s amusing other days not so much. Today he’s being so good I don’t mind him perseverating on his $7.00.

I’m fortunate to have my Thomas. We’ve been through a lot together. More than a typical mother/son relationship. I think of the days when he was younger and I wish those days had been easier. I wish he was more enjoyable as a child. I have great pictures from years ago that show us as a “happy family” but behind the scenes…not so much. These days when I take pictures my kids are genuinely happy even after the camera is put away.

Its been a little big tough road raising my Thomas. He has made me who I am today. It’s because of him I became an outspoken mom. It’s because of him I learned to advocate, not just for him but my other children as well. It’s because of him I have more patience and compassion.

There is also a dark side of my life that is because of Thomas. A side that caused horrid depression and anxiety. I don’t resent him for that I truely don’t. He couldn’t help his behavior and I couldn’t help my reaction. Because of that dark time I know I am a stronger person. I am fortunate to have that outcome. It is only by the grace of God that I got through it. My Lord and Savior placed people in my path who’s purpose was to get me through the dark time. And they did. There are no coincidences, there’s only God’s perfect plan and timing.

So now we’re off to “somewhere” for Thomas to spend that money of his. It wii certainly be an entertaining time of that I’m sure.

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