Quiet Weekends

I’ve noticed my past few weekends have been very “quiet”. And I’m ok with that. Memorial Day weekend was a wash, it was hot and humid on Saturday, rained Sunday and Monday was “ok” but we didn’t feel like going anywhere since we all had either work or school on Tuesday.

Before I went back to work I never really enjoyed the weekends. I was with my kids all week, Tommy often worked the weekends or at least Saturdays  (because I was a SAHM… He had to work more). So then the weekend would roll around and the kids would be home all day and I often was at a loss of want to do with them by myself all day…And we won’t go in to what a handful (understatement) Thomas was in those days.

Now that everyone’s older, working, driving, more independent things are so different. I’m not around my kids All.The.Time, nor are they around me so much. On the weekends we get to catch up with each other. Sometimes a couple of days will go by an I won’t even see Alyssa. And we all still live here; together, go figure.

My weekends might be quiet but they’re not dull. Saturdays I’ll run errands sometimes food shop and usually hit the thrift. By the afternoon Samantha will want to go out or do something and that’s ok. Sunday’s I go to church; period. I love worshiping and hearing the pastor’s message and seeing my friends and catching up with them after the service. Church is definitely the highlight of my Sunday.

This Wednesday I’ll also have small group so I’ll be able to connect with my group members and praise God even more for what He’s doing in all our lives or pray for each other. It’s nice. I just wish I had more members who would attend. I don’t know how to recruit more moms. I know I work in a school for special needs students and I’m in close contact with their Moms. I worry about being forward and asking them if they would attend a bible study for moms of special needs children. I need to pray on this and see where the Lord leads me.

So now it’s Sunday and I’ve gone to church and caught up with friends, now it’s time to catch up on laundry and then maybe go out for a bit. Happy Sunday!

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