My School

This week was a shortened work week becasue last weekend was the three day Memorial Day weekend. However, for me anyway it was a long 4 days. Work was pretty much the same work load; some days easier than others depending on who was present or absent from school. There was one day of stress but it wasn’t the most stressed I’d ever been at work. Even though it was a long week I still enjoyed being there and I can’t help but wonder how and why I was placed in this school.  It’s a dream job. I’m a 15 minute drive (commute) from my house, I have great and helpful co-workers, and the teachers and para professionals I work with are wonderful and caring. And I love the kids at this school. The other day one of the students I’ve seen on more than one occasion accompanied a para and another student to the nurses office. The student I had seen before was so sweet, she hung around my desk where I sat and just smiled at me. We chatted a little and I couldn’t help but smile to myself that I was touched that she remembered me and liked me.

There are so many levels of functionality at this school. So many kids with so many different needs. There are some students you look at and wonder why they’re there they are so high functioning: and then there’s the ones who require complete care. Even within those that require complete care are a few who can communicate their needs and even hold a conversation with assistive devices. It’s amazing actually and the magic of today’s technology is so very cool.

Its funny that I’m working in the same school that I thought so highly of when Thomas went there. I even contacted the parent coordinator back in the day asking how I could volunteer there but things never worked out. Thomas had to move to residential school and life just went along. I remember when we looked at the residential school; I thought to myself that the residential school had to meet or exceed the standards of The Hungerford School. And thank God they did.

Now I’m a part of a school I thought so highly of, I’m part of the staff. It’s amazing how God works. How He orchestrates our lives. He works with such perfect precision and exact perfect timing. I can’t thank God enough for what He’s given me.






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