Parenting and Time

I just read on my sister’s Facebook wall, in regard to parenting, “The days are long and the years are short”. It got me thinking my gosh that’s so true! I remember when Thomas was young, like 3-4 yrs old, he was off the wall behavior wise and whenever he was home from school the days just dragged and dragged. Tommy was working overtime; a lot and it seemed I never knew what to do with him or how to keep him busy or how to avoid a 30 minute tantrum.

I enjoy him so much more today as a young adult. But getting here was anything but easy. Twice we had no choice but to go the residential school route. If there’s anything I could change about Thomas’ childhood it would be that we wouldn’t have had to place him in a school so far from home. Both residential schools were in Yonkers NY. In fact Thomas’ last school was a 10 minute drive from the first residential  school he attended. Small world I tell you. Both schools were excellent, both had wonderful, caring staff. I don’t think we could have hand picked staff as awesome. God is so good. He gave us and Thomas exactly what we needed exactly at the time we needed. His grace was amazing. I can say that now in retrospect. At the time it was painful to be in that season of our lives. But we got through it, twice.

I honestly don’t miss the days when my kids were young, like under the age of 10. Even regarding my girls I don’t miss it and for the most part they were just typical kids with the most typical childhood we could give them. Samantha is bringing up the rear in terms of growing up. She’ll be 12 years old this August and I’m amazed at how fast the past 12 years have gone for all of us. Daniella was 5, Alyssa was 8 and Thomas 10 when Samantha was born. I remember my friend Jenn saying that Thomas would be 20 when Samantha turned 10.  Now she’s 11 and he’s 21. Amazing I tell you.

I know I’ve written about this before but it bears repeating; I really do enjoy the company of my kids at the ages they are now, all of them. Samantha is much more independent than her sisters were at her age. She’ll think nothing of getting on her bicycle and riding around the corner to the playground by herself. She still likes it when I come to the park with her but it’s nice that she will entertain herself. I’ve become spoiled I guess.

It’s nice to have the conversations that we do. Alyssa and Lelly are not ones to hide their feelings and are very honest and forthcoming with me. I love that about them. I also love that they are young adults. They listen to me (at least I think they do) and we can laugh about life together.

Even the time I spend with Thomas these days is pleasant. He’s a really nice person and I’d say that even if he weren’t my son. I don’t think about the past when we’re together. Sometimes he’ll bring up the staff and students from his last school and how much he misses them. That’s so “normal” I embrace those times with him. There’s are times like this morning when I went to drop off money for him to go out with the guys that I just hug him. He’s very warm my Thomas and always hugs back. He’s very warm my Thomas.

“The days are long but the years are short.” So so true.


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