Working the Summer

The school I work at is a 12 month program, meaning they have school year round. I remember when Thomas attended this school they took a lot of day trips during the summer and it was more like educational day camp rather than traditional school. I don’t know if it’s still like that or if it depends on the teacher. I’ll find out.

We are given a choice of whether or not we want to work over the summer. My older girls will be busy working or hanging out with their friends and Samantha was chosen by lottery to participate in a “STEM” (science, technology, engineering and math) program run by and free of charge by the board of education. So it’s a win win situation.

I’m looking forward to working the summer. I already know the students and the staff. My decision was an easy one to make.  Plus the summer session ends August 14th I believe, so that still leaves me just over 2 weeks off from work in the summer. I’m cool with that. I’m glad my co worker nurse Tom is working too. We get along quite well and share a lot of laughs, it’s a pleasant environment in our office. In addition to the students who stop by for a bandaid, temperature check or simply for attention we get staff who stop by to just say hello and it’s really nice.

I’m still in awe of God’s plan to have me work at this school, here in my borough; 15 minutes from my house. I love the way God works. It’s all so perfect in all so perfect timing. There are days I wonder what it would have been like to work in Manhattan. Until I was offered the position here, I was ok with commuting and being in the city everyday. To be honest when I was first told the principal wanted me to work here I did hesitate for a minute. Wondering if I would want to work here and not in Manhattan. I quickly realized what was falling right in my lap and of course accepted the offer.

So this summer should be nice. I already enjoy coming to work for the past 7 months, I’m sure the 6 weeks of summer program will be just as rewarding.




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