Beach Day !

Yesterday Samantha and I met my mom and my nephew at a really nice, sweet beach town in south Jersey. It took Samantha and I about an hour to get there from where we live. But that’s ok we got there, found parking, met up with my Mom and Jacob and all was well.

Samantha is a fish in the water man! She only came out of the ocean to eat and to tell me she wanted me to go in the water with her. I had to go get her out of the water when the lifeguards were ready to pack it in for the day. Even then she didn’t want to get out. Samantha definitely gets that attribute from Tommy. I’m more of a spectator of the water preferring to only go waist deep. The water was beautiful though. I love the ocean and the beach in general. It’s like a mini vacation/escape for me when I’m at the beach. To sit there and people watch and listen to the waves hit the shore is pure bliss.

In between going in the water with Samantha, I did manage to sit in the sun for quite a while and chat with my mom. I also managed to get a sunburn even though I used sunscreen, you can definitely tell the places that I missed or didn’t reapply.

Chatting with my mom was the best though. I really enjoy her company. My mom and I are pretty close and I love that we have a great relationship. She’s always been one I can talk to, even growing up. She was never unapproachable and always honest with me. Since my dad died almost 5 months ago I treasure our relationship even more. I even get nervous some days that “ something” will happen to her. So I don’t take our relationship for granted.

I find it hard to believe it’s only been 5 months since daddy was called home. In some ways it feels like it’s been longer. But then again some days it’s like he was just here yesterday.

Sitting under our rented green Ocean Grove umbrella we were reminded of last summer when we managed to get my dad to come to the beach; he was not a “beach person”.  When we met up together on the boardwalk we were wondering how we were going to get him and his walker down to a spot on the sand. Seemingly out of nowhere this young guy asked us if we needed a wheelchair and he motioned towards this beach wheelchair with huge wheels that could conquer riding on the sand. Of course we said yes and my dad was pushed in the wheelchair down the beach to our spot and we set him up under the umbrella. It was nice to spend that time with him. I’m glad to have that memory.

Here’s to more beach days and less sunburn!



















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