The Max Challenge

9B5936EB-D325-43D3-9731-B3F7DAF17282.jpegOn April 5th of this year I joined a fitness program called The Max Challenge ( The exercise component is 5 days a week for 45 minutes. There is also a nutrition program to follow, I won’t say it’s a “diet” but more of a lifestyle change to one’s eating habits. I’ve been dairy and sugar free; except for fruit and the occasional dark chocolate; for about 12 weeks now.

It wasn’t an easy change at all. In the beginning of my first 10 week challenge I hated the way I looked and would practically force myself to go to the gym and exercise. I hadn’t exercised at all in a million years. After a while it became routine and I began to look forward to going to the gym. The change in my eating habits became easier to adjust to as well.

I have great support people all around me, my husband and kids at home, one of the teachers I work with who had already completed 2 challenges (and looks amazing~ Vanessa), my mom who decided to do her own challenge, and there’s also the people I met at the Max gym. Everyone is very encouraging. When you start going to the gym for an organized exercise class you worry that you’re being looked at or watched. Not so at the Max. Everyone is so busy trying to do their personal best they could care less about what you’re doing. It is great and very freeing.

So far I’ve lost 20 pounds and I want to lose more.. I shock myself to say that I’ve lost 20 pounds. It’s also quite sobering that I’ve been that heavy. I’m short at 5’2”, there isn’t anywhere to hide a substantial weight gain.

I became very comfortable in wearing big flowy tops and shirts. I watched my jeans size go up and up. I loathed it, every part of being heavy. My husband was wonderful and always told me I looked beautiful, I didn’t believe him. I did not like my picture taken.

The Max Challenge changed everything. I’m so glad I made that phone call and talked to Vanessa at work. I forced myself to confront my weight and the fact that I wasn’t eating the right foods. The picture I’ve included shows my “before” taken  the first week of the challenge. I was not a happy camper and did NOT want my picture taken.  My “after” photo was taken during week 10, the end of the challenge.

I look forward to my next “after “ picture in 10 weeks.



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