So this guy in my life turns 22 years old today. The one who made me a mom first. The one who made me grow up. The one who tested me in ways I never thought I’d be tested. The one who led me back to The Lord. My Thomas. Like most moms I can remember the day of his birth like it was yesterday. It’s amazing isn’t it.

22 years ago on July 5th this now young man came into my life. He not only made me a mother; he made me an advocate, he gave me a loud voice and he made me realize not everything is as it seems so I should stop being so judgemental.

People always say they wouldn’t change a thing about their special needs child. I waver back and forth on that issue. I worry about Thomas’ future of course even though Tommy and I have taken measures to ensure he’ll be cared for if something were to happen to both of us. I don’t know if I could change him; would I? Would he still be the sweet young man he’s grown into being? Would he still have the same sense of humor? Would he still be so likeable and loveable? I guess I’d like to pick and choose his attributes which would be impossible.

I sometimes wonder if God made Thomas the way he is to spare us as parents from something worse than him being special needs. We serve a mighty God and His ways are higher than ours. One day all our questions will be answered, that is if we even care enough to ask at that point.

So I guess my answer would be no, I wouldn’t change him. How could I after seeing what a great young man he grew into? Thomas today is kind, funny, loving, caring and an all around nice person. Why would I want to change that?





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