I love handbags. I have a great collection that my husband has graciously given up his bedroom armoire for. Some have been bought by my husband, some bought by me, others scored at the thrift. It doesn’t matter where I get them, I adore bags. I used to be a hobo bag gal but found I love the ease of a tote. So I have a few totes in various colors and designers. My favorite is a Louis Vuitton that Tommy purchased for me I think 10 nyears ago? She still looks as fabulous as the day I brought her home with little signs of wear and tear.

My other favorite type of bag is a handheld handbag, or one that sits in the crook of your arm. There’s something so wonderfully feminine about that type of bag and the way you carry it. The bag becomes more of an accessory for fashion and less emphasis on function.

My close friends know what a bag whore I am and they take it all in stride. I started out as a shoe whore from my teen years and while in my twenties. I discovered my love of bags probably in my twenties. I wanted a Louis Vuitton “speedy” or doctor’s bag so, so bad. But…the kids were young, I wasn’t working, Tommy worked a ton of overtime and money was better spent elsewhere. And I was ok with that. One day my best friend, Jackie knowing how much I wanted that bag gifted me hers!  I almost fell over when I opened the packaged she mailed to me. My hands shook. And I love her for not only that but also because she is probably the kindest most thoughtful friend ever.

A couple of months ago I scored a vintage Chanel bag at the thrift. I sent her out to a specialty handbag spa to be cleaned and freshened up. They did a great job and I enjoy that bag as much as any other. You can’t tell it’s a Chanel unless you look closely at the bags zipper pulls and quilting. It’s not your typical, well known  Chanel; black with a gold chain strap. I like that it’s an under the radar bag.

Everyone has their “thing” that they are over the top about. It doesn’t even have to be an object it could be movies, concerts, car shows, magazines etc…That someone likes to invest their time and money into. Mine just happens to take up a lot of room. Don’t get me started on shoes…


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