This Summer

The school I work at is a 12 month program so they run year round. We’re given a choice of whether or not to work. I chose to work. At first after being off for a few days I was like, “Oh jeez what have I done?” But now that I’m in the groove of things I’m glad I made the choice to work. Everyone that works here regularly are here because they want to be. And the teachers are really into making it a low stress environment/ summer camp like feeling. There are still lessons being taught and therapies in session, but most of us are in a light hearted mood…I can’t say all of us are lighthearted, there are always some people who aren’t happy no matter what the situation.

My work load is a little lighter than during the regular school year. Don’t get me wrong there are always busy times of the day but some students come and go on vacation. Some parents chose not to send their children for the summer. I think my favorite part of being here is the atmosphere. Even though we’re all working it’s still the summertime and those of us with children at home are less stressed because we don’t have to get anybody anywhere for after school activities or wake up sleepy children to get ready for the day.

The summer session ends on August 14, that gives me just over 2 weeks before school starts up again. I’m ok with that. I really do like coming to work. I never thought I would ever, ever say that about a job, especially a job in nursing. I didn’t feel this way about the job I had before I was hired by the Board of Ed, doing chart abstraction. When I was laid off I was really upset even though I knew it was a temporary gig. I had gotten so used to working and of course loved the paycheck. Turns out that was such a blessing in disguise.

God really does know what He is doing even though it doesn’t always seem like it. I never would have applied for this job if I was never laid off. I would have kept on working that temporary gig without searching for new employment because I didn’t have to. When that door was closed God opened this wonderful window and I now have not only a job but a career. One that I’m even looking to advance my education for.

I love what I’m doing and I get paid for it. How many people can say that? God is so good.


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