Spiritual Gifts

I’m listening to one of my favorite pastors via Sirius XM radio, Dr. Michael Yousef. I really enjoy his manner of preaching and the way he conveys the Lord’s message. This week he spoke of spiritual gifts. This morning he spoke of the gift of faith. That we live by faith by walking by faith. I began thinking of my life and am I walking by faith? What is my spiritual gift?p

I know I have talents such as writing and being a good listener, but I cannot say with certainty that I know what my spiritual gift is. I have friends who’s spiritual gifts are so apparent such as the gift of evangelism, the gift of prayer and the gift of mercy. They use those gifts so effortlessly it’s beautiful to watch God in action.

I know I have faith, my strongest test was the two recent deaths in my immediate family of my father in law and my father. When my father in law passed on I remember feeling surrounded and protected by love. It was odd yet so comforting. I believe that that experience could have only come from God.

When my father died a mere 5 months ago. I had absolute faith that when he took his last breath on earth his next breath was taken in heaven. I still have that absolute faith and I know that as a believer he is also in heaven with Jesus. The deaths of my father and father in law showed me that God is so very real and His love is true.

The friend who’s gift is evangelism; I envy. I wish I had the boldness to proclaim the Gospel to people I don’t know. I don’t deny my belief to others but when I’m placed in a real life situation where I have the chance to be spreading the Gospel, the good news of Christ, I freeze and usually let someone else take the lead in that area. I have no problem evangelizing here in my blog though. Go figure.


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