My Kids

Today I had the rare pleasure of having all my children under the same roof without a holiday being involved. Samantha was already home with a friend over. I called Thomas and last minute asked him over for dinner. Tommy and I had an ulterior motive for wanting to see Thomas; he starts his day program tomorrow and we wanted to talk to him and build up his confidance in starting something new. The next thing I knew, during dinner Lelly came home from shopping and then Alyssa walked through the door soon after.

At first I couldn’t believe it, all of them here at one time? I very quickly told them I needed a picture. We took some pictures with them sitting on the couch but they weren’t the greatest so Lelly and Alyssa suggested going outside. Before I knew it Thomas was being so funny!  Dancing and everyone was laughing so hard. Thomas did this pose with one leg in the air and they all still laughed. It was the greatest feeling ever to see them all together laughing and enjoying each other.

Finally we got Thomas to be a little more serious and I got some shots of all my children together and smiling for real. I still like the silly pictures better.

As I mentioned before Thomas starts his day program tomorrow. I’m nervous for him and I wish I could be there to see him off but I’m committed to work and that’s the way it is. Tommy and I talked to Thomas and tried to prepare him the best we could. That a van would probably pick him up, he’ll have to get up earlier tomorrow morning, he’ll eat lunch there, there’s more but I won’t bore you. Thomas has had many changes in his short life. And I must say God had given my son the gift of resiliency.  He adapts to change with more ease than my typical girls would ever adapt. I’m hoping Thomas’ gift will come to the surface tomorrow and he will do well in this new to him situation.

As for me I’ll be praying for him.

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