A Lelly and Me Day

We planned all week to go to the beach today. The weather had other plans. It was pouring when I woke up this morning, like the sky opened up pouring. It kept up while I took a shower then I decided to go food shopping;  might as well since it was raining so bad. Alyssa decided to come with me. As we left ShopRite the rain stopped!  No way…I put the groceries away and then we saw peeks of blue sky coming through the clouds!  It was around noon and I told Lelly, “I’m I if you’re in!” She was in!

We left the house wearing sunglasses. However on the way we drove in and out of dark clouds. Not rain thank God. Finally we made it to the Jersey shore. I love to go to Ocean Grove beach. It’s this quaint, quiet Christian town. Perfect if you ask me. The parking lot next to the beach was almost empty, we couldn’t believe it. It was partly cloudy but the sun was breaking through perfectly. We sunscreened and got busy doing nothing but soaking up the sun. It was really nice being there with Daniella, we didn’t have to talk a lot. Lelly had brought earbuds so she was busy listening to music while I read a book I started to read back in April. The water was very rough due to the storm that had just passed. We didn’t go in past our thighs. It was great to watch the waves and listen to the water pound the shore when we were taking the sun.

I love the beach, it is absolutely my happy place. I love everything about it, the sun the sand, the water. It’s never dull when you’re in the ocean. There’s always another wave coming in. When I go with Samantha she is in the water literally the whole time. She only comes out to get something to eat and for me to reapply sunscreen.

Lelly also loves the beach. It was so nice to be there with her. We had a great time together. Now that everyone is older and either working or out with friends or boyfriends it’s nice to have one on one time. Lelly and I go to the same gym but rarely are able to go together due to our differing schedules.

Today was a great day.



2 thoughts on “A Lelly and Me Day

  1. Ufedo Love Illah August 5, 2018 / 9:06 am

    Hmmm…this sounded like fun. As a mother to three toddlers I can only dream of such an organised day. I wonder what it’s like… Hehehe.
    Glad you had the opportunity of enjoying quality time with your grown ups

    • Nayaudo August 5, 2018 / 9:25 am

      Thank you! I am totally enjoying life with my children as they grow older.

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