Reminders of my Dad

I was at work when one of the paraprofessionals was asked to do something and he answered, “No…Sorry, Im not authorized to do such and such…”. I stopped in my tracks and laughed whole heartedly. That’s exactly what my Dad would say when asked to do something he didn’t want to do.

Its funny how such seemingly little things can throw you back to your memories. It’s unexpected and sometimes like this time; fun. I miss my dad so much. I miss his sense of humor, the remarks he used to make with that perfect timing that he had. I miss kissing him on his bald forehead when I said goodbye. Daddy used to tell us when we were small that his hair fell out because he stayed outside in the rain. Then the story changed to “I had a full head of hair until I had kids”. It took me a few years to appreciate that one.

I miss that I can’t tell my dad that I’m going back to school for my bachelors degree. I know he would’ve been proud. I miss telling him all about my thrift store finds. He would get the biggest kick out of that and tell me about how his mother would thrift shop when he was younger. I miss him declaring the weather to be “a shoppers sky!” when my mom and I went out shopping. I still say that particularly when I score big at the thrift.

On September 4 it will be 5 months since my dad passed. In some ways it feels like he’s been gone so much longer and then again it can feel like just yesterday he was with us. There have been so many instances  where I think, “ Oh I’ll have to  call Daddy when I get home and tell him this or that” only to sharply remember that he’s not with us anymore.

I’ve found the most comfort in these words by Billy Graham, “our last breath on earth is our first breath in heaven.” It makes my father’s transition to heaven seemless and peaceful. I know he’s with Jesus in His kingdom and daddy’s cancer is gone. He’s been healed forever.


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