With my girls!

Alyssa has an appointment in Manhattan this afternoon so Lelly and I decided to tag along with her and made a day of it…well half day. We’re PT’ing (public transportation) it all the way. Getting there is half the fun.

It’s been months since I’ve been in Manhattan. I do miss it and I wonder what life would’ve been like if I wasn’t offered my job here in the borough where I live but instead commuting to Manhattan every day like it was originally planned. I can’t imagine how my first year would have went with completely different people in my work life. I’ve posted before about how much I really like my co workers. Not only the co workers that are nurses but I also am fortunate to work with outstanding teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals. I could go on… but I’ve said it all before.

We’re going to 14th St Union Square, or within a block there of. I love Union Square. There are so many stores and people and places to go.  The ferry is always an interesting place to people watch. Heck, my girls are interesting to watch all by themselves. Alyssa and Lelly really are best friends. Yes, they fight on occasion but rarely does it last very long nor do they hold grudges. And they each have their own style both in makeup and what they wear.

My relationships with Alyssa and Lelly are the same yet different because they are two different people with differing personalities and opinions of things.  I offer each my confidence and they both will confide in me things that are specific to that person. And usually what is confided are two completely different subjects. It’s funny.  I’d say Alyssa is more conservative than Lelly but I don’t think Lelly is a liberal. I’m cool with that. They are entitled to their own views and opinions.

We walked all over 5th Avenue, went looking in Anthropology (so expensive!), bought shoes @ Nordstrom rack and managed to even find a thrift store; a Goodwill where I scored 2 pair of Citizens of Humanity denim, yes!  It was a shoppers sky!



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