Vacation and the Girls

Vacationing with our girls has been so much fun. Lelly and Alyssa get along really well and at times Samantha will be able to keep up with them. You gotta be quick around Alyssa and Lelly, they each have a great sense of humor, with Lelly being a little faster with the comebacks. Being around Lelly you can’t help but want to laugh. She’s been like this since she was a baby. Always smiling. She was my smallest baby weighing in @ 7.5lbs. So we called her “The bird” which morphed into Lelly Bird when Thomas couldn’t pronounce Daniella; it came out Dalella and then Lelly.

We asked Thomas if he wanted to come with us this year. In fact Tommy invited  him three times and each time Thomas declined the invitation. He called me Sunday while we were at one of the lake beaches crying and telling me he wanted us to come pick him up. Oh my gosh he broke my heart. I quickly calmed him down and told him I couldn’t come get him. I also told him when we would be home and when I could come pick him up and then we would go shopping for a raincoat for him. Thomas was ok when he finally realized that we were in fact coming back. I wonder if he was afraid that we weren’t coming home at all? So now Thomas is calling me every evening confirming our arrival home date and that I am in fact picking him up the next day to go shopping. The thing is; Thomas wants to go home at a moments notice. When he comes over for dinner he’s ready to go home immediately after he’s finished eating. We were very worried that if he did say he would come with us, would he want to go home after a day or two? Plus Thomas does not like the water. I feel like we can’t win either way.

So we concentrate on having a good time with the girls while we can. There will be a day when both Lelly and Alyssa will either be working or too busy with friends or a boyfriend to want or be able to come away with us. We’ll still have Samantha with us for years to come though and that’s a good thing.





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