At the Lake!

Our vacation this year is renting a lake house about a half hour from Lake George in upstate New York. The house itself is beautiful, plenty of bedrooms and plenty of bathrooms. It wasnt an easy search to find a house this big near the lake. The past 3 years we’ve rented in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. There the houses are built for multiple families to rent and most are huge. Renting a lake house that is meant for more than one family wasn’t that easy. Some houses had plenty of bedrooms yet one bathroom…no.

The only complaint I do have about this house is that it was listed and pictured as if it were on the lake. It’s not we are across the street from the lake, which is fine but we felt mislead when we arrived. Now that we’ve been here and see how easily accessible everything (except the local Walmart) is, the location really doesn’t matter as much. Yesterday we easily found the marina that serves this lake and rented a boat for a couple of hours. It was so much fun! We has this giant tube tethered to the back of the boat and just about everyone had a turn being pulled. Then we stopped in the middle of the lake and swam while the husbands fished off the other side. After swimming in the ocean for so many summers it was a nice change to swim in a lake, no crashing waves for better or worse and no undertow. Not to mention no jellyfish.

After we returned the boat we went ti the “beach” area of the lake. It was nice, very clean and looked like a little beach except there weren’t any waves. We set up our stuff and Samantha went right in the water. She loves the water! There was a floating deck to jump off of our where the water was about 6 feet deep. She loved that. Today we’re going to the beach at Lake George, that should be really nice as well.

Today I’m up early don’t ask. I can’t seem to sleep in lately. I guess I am “sleeping in” as my work wake up time is 5:30, and I’m up now at 6:30-7:00. It’s nice in a way to be up a bit earlier than everyone else. I make coffee and just take in the quiet. Same as I do at home when I’m up earlier than everyone else.

Lelly and I are trying to stay compliant to our Max challenge nutrition plan. It’s been a bit challenging because let’s face it we are on vacation. I do miss my protein powder fruit smoothies though. I didn’t bring the protein powder and we didn’t buy almond milk so I’m SOL on both sides there. I’ll live.





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