You Never Think…

You never think something is going to hit you hard until it actually happens and the next thing you know you’re sitting there with tears in your eyes completely taken off guard, like someone just punched you in the stomach.

That’s how I felt this morning when it totally hit me that today is Daddy’s birthday. The girls and I spent yesterday afternoon at my mom’s house. It was really nice we had a lot of laughs and great conversation. Of course I couldn’t help but think, “today we would have been celebrating daddy’s birthday,” and I held back tears for the first 10 minutes of the ride home wearing sunglasses so no one would see.

I can’t help but get weepy today. This morning I would have called daddy to wish him a happy birthday. We would have chatted a bit about anything that came to mind. I know he would’ve asked about my job and when was school starting? He would have gotten the biggest kick out of me taking Thomas to the Short Hills Mall (very upscale snooty mall in NJ) for a wallet shopping spree and how Thomas will talk politely to anyone; even snotty sales people.

He would have loved that Tommy bought a boat. I don’t know if he would’ve gone out on it but I think if Tommy mentioned fishing he would have said yes.

So here’s another happy birthday to my Dad who I can’t imagine missing him more than I do.

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