Luxury and my son

I was given the choice of whether to work or not to work this past summer. I chose to work and make extra money in the meantime. Honestly the time passed pretty quickly and I still had a little less than 3 weeks (19 days but who was counting?) off between summer session ending and the new fall year beginning in September.

Around the 2nd week in August I decided to take the plunge and treat myself to a handbag I’d been lusting after for quite some time. A Louis Vuitton handbag. I called the store ahead of time (located in an upscale mall in NJ) to make sure they had the bag before I took a ride out there. They did not have the bag in stock so they ordered it for me and I chose to have the bag delivered to the store.

That Sunday we made plans to go to the mall to pick up my bag. I was so excited! We picked up Thomas and off we went. Tommy took off with Samantha and Thomas and I went to the LV store. I love shopping with Thomas, he’s a total enabler and will give you his opinion; not to mention he’s extremely polite to sales people.

Upon Thomas and my arrival to Louis Vuitton we were greeted by a very polite greeter type woman. I explained that I was there to pick up a bag that was ordered. She passed us off to a very snotty saleswoman. At first I thought she was like that because the store was busy. Nope she was just a snot. I watched as other shoppers were catered to while Thomas and I were told to wait while snotty saleswoman retrieved my bag.  About 10 minutes later she arrived with this huge box, within was my bag!  “I guess you want to see it? Said snotty woman”. “Of course I replied”. Thomas was awesome he ooohed and ahhed same as me. I told snotty woman that I was ready to leave and she had me sign for the bag. All the while Thomas, my sweet, well mannered son was looking her right in the face saying, “Thank you and have a nice day”. She didn’t reply much to my dissatisfaction. Thomas then got closer and again looked her right in the face and said, “Have a nice day.” Then she finally responded to him in a polite manner.

So much for luxury purchases and politeness. I’m so proud of Thomas, he has manners and didn’t back down in the face of snottiness.

I made another purchase with Louis Vuitton a couple of weeks later and chose instead to visit the boutique inside a major department store. There the sales associate was so so nice and professional. Again I brought Thomas and he was wonderful and of course polite. He was a great help when I had to make my final decision.  I mentioned to that saleswoman how nice they were in that small boutique compared to “outside in the mall.” She said she’d heard that before and smiled.

So…lesson learned; stay away from the first store and always bring Thomas.

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