Change of TV and Prayer

We recently changed cell phone providers and part of the deal was changing our television provider. So I quickly set up an appointment for the new installation and cancelled the old tv service for the following day. Efficient huh? Yeah. This was over 3 weeks ago. When the new service installer arrived he called me to tell me “the system is down so I can’t complete the installation.” Okay. I couldn’t get the previous provider to turn their service back on and I only have Alyssa home a day or two during the week for the new installer to come and finish the work. So we’ve been without television except for Netflix since then; 3 weeks now.

It’s not that big of a deal for the girls and I. I’m not a big TV person and the girls mainly watch Netflix or Hulu on their computers. It’s affected Tommy the most I’d say because he does like to watch television to relax especially before he goes to bed. I’ve gotten used to having the television on while going to sleep. So now it’s very quiet and dark when we go to bed…I’m thinking most people might say that is “normal”, but not for us.

So with all this quiet now before getting to sleep got me to thinking, “Why not pray?” God is so good! He created this situation so I would talk to him and pray. I never really had a set time I would pray; with the exception of being at church. If someone asked for prayer I usually drop everything and pray for them depending on the situation. Other times I would pray when I was thinking of a person or situation usually when I had some quiet time. These days God himself created “quiet time” or “time of prayer” for me.

You could say this could all change when our television service is back up and running this week. I don’t think so. I like that this time is carved out and devoted to Him and only Him. God gave us His best in sending His son to die for our sins while we were still sinners, the least we can do for Him is to pray and worship and let God know how much He really means to us.

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