Starting school

Me. Not work. I’ve begun my journey towards my bachelor degree in nursing. It’s an online program not even a week in and already I’m a bit confused about handing in assignments. I’ve emailed the professor so hopefully she’ll email me back and the mystery will be over.

One of the requirements is to post on a discussion board and also post on 2 of your classmates discussion posts. That part was ok, you do have to site a resource when replying to someone else’s post. I didn’t find that to be too difficult; the internet is a wonderful thing. I am grateful for my Alyssa reminding me to copy and paste the link for the reference.

Of course I want to do well but I find it frustrating that my first course is one in writing. I know how to write properly. I know “they” don’t know that but I think there should have been some sort of writing test available to wean out those who can write and those who cannot.

I’m looking forward to getting this class over with and start the actual nursing classes. I could have taken more than one class to start but I was apprehensive as this is my first venture into online school and it’s been 20 years since I’ve taken a college course. I will feel more confident about knowing if I can handle more than one class at a time after this class is over. The class barely started and here I am wishing it were over…Tine to appreciate today and let tomorrow take care of itself.


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