First class is over!

I finished my first class towards my BSN degree. It was an APA writing class which taught you how to write a paper in the style most required by colleges. I earned an 87 in the class, so a B+. I’m ok with that. Honestly I wouldn’t have earned that grade without the help of my daughter Alyssa and her boyfriend Sam. They both helped me with my assignments and showed me the beauty of Google docs. I was strictly a Microsoft Word gal before this class. I’ve since learned the error of my ways.

I am glad that class is over. I really want to begin the nursing classes. I’m fortunate that all I need to take are the nursing classes, the college I’m registered to accepted my credits from years ago when I was flip flopping on my major before I finally decided to go for nursing. So there are no electives necessary for me to take.

I never thought I’d be so eager to increase my knowledge of nursing. My family and friends can contest to the fact that for many years I wanted nothing to do with the nursing profession. It is the job I now hold that has made me fall in love with the profession. I’m doing what I always wanted to do and that is to help people and to make a difference. These special needs students and their families have made an incredible difference in me. They have allowed me into their lives to provide care only a select few get to provide. It’s a heavy gift I’ve been given. And I appreciate the weight of that gift. I remember how I was forced to trust the doctor and nurses when Thomas was in residential school. I had no choice but to believe they would do their best for my son and they did do their best. Thank God. I know the Heavenly Father was watching.

So while I’m on a break from classes I’m enjoying my time. I’ve put the tree up and it looks awesome. We were getting a live tree for the past few years but in the past 2 years the tree barely made it to Christmas Day without drooping terribly and yes I did water it. Our new artificial tree has “snow” on the branches and it looks so so good!  However I am covered with said “snow”. But it’s all good.


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