Stepping Out In Faith

The message at church this morning was about stepping out in faith to do God’s work. We must trust that God is working even when we don’t see Him working with our eyes. Instead of asking what is God’s will for my life, simply ask what is God’s will…?

When stepping out in faith we must always remember and internalize that God is always faithful, He will never forsake or leave you. I’ve had that experience first hand and even though there are times when I’m in the valley I know God is still there and He is worthy to be praised.

I’m at a crossroads right now  on how to increase attendance for my small group (bible study) for moms of special needs children. We meet twice a month at church and discuss ways God is working in our lives and in the lives of our children. And how we are depending on God as we face various issues related to having a child with special needs.

Do I sit back and just accept the small intimate group we have now or do I step out in faith and try to increase our number? I’ve long had a nagging feeling that I’m supposed to multiply. I have to be bold and step out in faith and trust that God is with me. The same way I stepped out in faith and applied for and was hired for the job I have; working with special needs children. I don’t believe I was put there without God purposefully working in my life. I had to first step out in faith first and then I witnessed God’s work.

I’ll pray for boldness and confidence to know that God will be with me during my efforts.



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