Bachelor’s program

So I’m in the full swing of going back to school, taking classes for my bachelors of science in nursing. I’m taking online classes, one at a time. With the amount of writing I have to do with each assignment for one class I don’t see me taking more than one class at a time. Maybe if I wasn’t working full time, but things are what they are. I wouldn’t trade working full time for anything anyway. The class I’m taking now is “Concepts and Theories in Nursing.” It is as exciting as it sounds haha! But seriously it is kind of interesting…to see where nursing was as a profession back in Florence Nightengale’s day and how far it’s come today and how people have intellectualized the practice of nursing and how it is separate from medicine, that it is a both a science and an art. I’ve always believed nursing is ancalling. Especially using my mother as an example. She’s such a wonderful nurse and embodies all the qualities of a “good nurse.” One you would want around when things go down. I never thought of myself as being called to nursing before I started working at my school. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing until I landed here as a school nurse for special needs students.

But getting back to school, these papers are not easy and some of these nursing theorists are confusing believe it or not. IMO it’s like they think too much and make things complicated. Some are quite interesting and enlightening even. I feel like it’s the luck of the draw each week.

Work is great busy, I love where I am and I love what I do. Today was no exception and a bit busier than usual; shit happens and intense situations arise but it’s all good all is well and God is in this place.




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